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NAWCC Chapter 8 Regular Meeting and Mart

October 2, 2021
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Auburn Elks Club
754 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Featured Speakers Include:

Jack Kurdzionak

Tom McIntyre

Tyler St. Gelais



Important Health Notice:  Out of consideration to all attendees, we ask that only fully vaccinated members/guests attend this in-person meeting.  All State and Local requirements in place at the time of the meeting will be followed.

We request that members register for the event by logging into the website and registering through their account.  For those that have a credit for the cancelled March 2020 event, that credit will be applied when registering through their website account.  If members have forgotten their login information, go to the website Home and click on the MEMBER LOGIN at the top left of the home page.


8:30 AM Registration

9:00 AM Mart 

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Silent Auction (At the conclusion of the  last presentation)

9:30 AM - "Ebauche."  Jack Kurdizionak - 
 "Ebauche" is the French term for a sketch or outline of an artwork such as a painting.  Of course this will not be about artwork but rather how the term has been used in Swiss Watchmaking and how the meaning of the term has evolved since it was first applied to watchmaking.  Swiss watchmaking as contrasted to American watchmaking evolved on separate paths.  The limited number of American factories mass produced large quantities of watches, each brand in its own factory.  The Swiss watchmaking industry was a cottage style industry with thousands of small workshops producing components that were assembled into a large quantity of watches.  That system will be the focus of this presentation.  Jack has served as president, secretary, treasurer, and director of the MWCA and AWCI and is a Fellow of the AWCI.  He began repairing watches in the early 1970's.  In 1987, Jack and his wife, Terri, opened a watch repair business in Stoneham, MA that his son, David, now runs.  In 2012 Jack and Terry opened Eckcells Watch Material ( in Compton, NH, which specializes in the sale of watchmaker tools and supplies.  For the past twenty-five years, Jack has given presentations on varied topics including watch lubricants, Atmos clocks, watch material distribution, repair techniques, and shop management.  In addition, he has traveled more than forty times to Europe for education and business.  Last year we were very fortunate to have Jack be one of the first presenters on our webinar series.

10:30 AM - "Angels in the Watch Field."  Thom McIntyre has ordered watches from the group called Watch Angels whose business model is to solicit watch ideas from designers of all sorts and come up with designs that are selected by themselves and their “Investors” who agree to purchase the watches before production has begun but when the design is complete enough for material and manufacturing cost to be set with some confidence.  The Angels are given an opportunity to order initial production at cost or near cost and their initial payments are used to get the process off the ground.  Tom bought a subscription to two different projects and will discuss those.  Tom also has a small collection watches that have been made specifically for him by different watchmakers. Two of those were essentially re-casing a movement as a wristwatch and one was a Swiss “boutique” watch based on market components but with a selection, at Tom's request, for case, dial, and configuration.  In addition to the five watches, if time permits, Tom will talk about the bespoke watch business in general and some of the more famous examples.

12:00 Noon Luncheon

1:00 PM - Timex Retrospective." 
 As one of the largest Timex collectors in the United States, Tyler St. Gelais will talk about the technology and innovation of the United States Timex Corporation.  Numerous prototypes and documentation from Timex's Research and Development Division will be presented and on display.  Tyler has had a love for watches since a young age and attempted to apprentice to several watchmakers to no avail as no one had the time.  He did apprentice to a local goldsmith instead.  He then attended the North Bennett Street School for Jewelry.  Eventually, he took a part-time position working with watches along with his job as a jewelry repairer.  In 2017, Tyler joined the staff of Jones & Horan as their wristwatch specialist.

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